Explore the multiverse…

The Vencello is the first of a trilogy. It is a universe existing within multiple universes, a joining of species through music, interspecies dependence, and the amazing carbon 60 molecule, also known as buckminsterfullerene or buckyball.

Throughout the trilogy, Orcasekai narrates experiences with her space and time-traveling grandmother as she learns to navigate the multiverse. Their journey begins just before the emergence of an ancestral realm known to her kind as the Vencello. Its early history is relived from the point of view of the individuals from three species who merged to become the Vencello; human, orca and sperm whale.

Human. Delora, Alvar, Johnny and Liam are a family whose love transcends universes. Their journey to forgive each other and themselves is one of many challenging adventures.

Orca. Akenehi, the matriarch of her pod possesses a rare gift of musical and acoustic genius. This pure ability is the driver behind a new universe’s creation. Like her songs, her love for her family is wondrously efficacious.

Sperm whale. Brough and Param, Aware Masters of the Ocean, use their massive brains, deep diving ability, and fine perception of detail to solve the greatest puzzles of their planet. They are essential catalysts for many universes to be.

There are an untold number of ways a universe can come into being. Some begin with a bang, others with a perfect cetacean song. Some came about when an electron emerged from subspace. The Vencello’s carbon-60 based universe emerges to create a story for this age – and every other.

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