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Prequel to The Vencello

#prequel to The Vencello is in the works. The title domain(s) have been purchased. By popular demand this #newbook will tell Brough’s story. Brough is the #whale possessing #wisdom and #echolocation that may save his oceans. Stay tuned…

Amaranth meets Akenehi

When at last they met, she was disappointed.
“You don’t look like I thought you would.”
“Ah, a million shines from a thousand stars, perhaps that is what you expected?
And before Granddaughter could apologize for the seeming insult, Ancient finished with a converging perception. “If that were so, you would know me as I truly am.”

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Indie Reader Review 4.7 (out of 5) for The Vencello by S. Amaranthine

Reviewer: Indie Reader 12/8/17
AUTHOR: S. Amaranthine
THE VENCELLO by S. Amaranthine is a marvelous book, evocative in style and subject matter of sci-fi greats like Margaret Atwood or Octavia Butler. The book tells three main stories, centered on a human cetacean researcher, an Orca matriarch, and a curious sperm whale. By the end, the stories all conjoin during a momentous event that both satisfies readers and leaves them with burning questions.
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Orcasekai is in the hands of editor Laura Geraci!

Hello readers of ‘ocean survival’ literary fiction! The third of the trilogy has been handed off to my editor, Laura Geraci. According to the Portland Book Review the editing for Cetapiens, for which she was the paid pro, was “Spectacular”. The book cover of Orcasekai by Liz Bemis is approved and will be revealed as soon as the editing is complete. Liz also did covers of The Vencello and Cetapiens. This third one has the same look and feel but with really cool elements that make it suitable for framing (IMHO) Other news, The Vencello and Cetapiens have been submitted to IndieReader for review. I’ll post those when I receive them (7-9 weeks). Save a place on your nightstand, great winter reading ahead!

Book Review: The Blackfish Prophecy by Rachel Clark

The Blackfish Prophecy by Rachel Clark is a perfect read. It has it all; cool characters, a huge heart, plenty of thought-provoking content, and most of all…ORCAS! This is a wonderful gift for all readers, but especially young adult. Many of The Blackfish Prophecy characters are model citizens of compassion, knowledge and sanity. This book easily earned its place as a permanent favorite in my personal library.
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