Cetacean Sounds

Link to cool Humback Whales recorded from The Oceania Project!


Orca sounds on You Tube


Sperm Whale Greeting

David Trescot

A brief human and sperm whale interaction is recorded. Rather quiet but nice close up of the whale.


The Sounds of the Sperm Whale


A little over 2 minutes – beautiful footage of whales social interaction, narration masks some whale clicks.


These links below are provided for enrichment of the reading experience. While the books are written in human language the communication between cetaceans would sound similar to those found in these links.

Clicking on a link will take you out of the book website. Please use your web browser to return from these links when you have finished your exploration. You may find some recordings and video plug ins are not supported on your device.

Links will be updated frequently so please visit again soon!

Click here for an excellent source of Orca vocalizations.
Click here for Sperm Whale sound and video of whale removing fish from line.