Related Science and Concepts

Wonders of cetaceans, infinity, quantum mechanics, neuro science and more! Exhilarating connected dots of multiverse inspiration! Enjoy these as your imagination is fueled for your time-travel journey…

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How to Turn a Sphere Inside Out

“Mathematically” illustrated in 5 QUICK SECONDS! Blink and you’ll miss it! Outside Color = Gold, Inside Color = Amaranthine (Like space, the rule is you cannot break it, rip a hole in it or tear it.) GO!


Denise Herzing: Could we speak the language of dolphins? TED talk

Orcas are often called Killer Whales. They are not whales, but rather very large dolphins. They stay in their families for life and have very complex cultures.



Alexander Wilson

Caretakers of the ocean! The Vencello characters: Brough and Param.


Dr Ingrid N. Visser & the Orca Research Trust Swimming with Orca Killer whales Schwertwal



Michio Kaku: The Multiverse Has 11 Dimensions

Multiverse BRIEFLY summarized


C60: Buckminsterfullerene, Not Just a Pretty Molecule

A lecture on C60 by Sir Harold Kroto, an English chemist and the 1996 Nobel Prize recipient in Chemistry

If you are in a hurry I suggest fast forward to time: 54:09 to “The real final word on the whole thing”


C60, Buckyballs, Buckminsterfullerene

Vega Science Trust Archive

How to build a C60 molecule model


Buckyballs (C60) – Periodic Table of Videos

Periodic Videos

Under 10 minutes comprehensive summary of C60, fast forward to time 7:55 illustrates atoms INSIDE a C60 molecule


Jill Bolte Taylor’s stroke of insight

The left ‘talking’ side of the brain is silence/disabled. This is my favorite TED talk!


Split-brain patient ‘Joe’ being tested with stimuli presented in different visual fields


Right and left hemisphere independence demonstration.


Why are enzymes so central to the book series? Self-similarity! Our bodies contain thousands of amazing enzymes without which we would not exist. As human beings we act in wondrous enzyme self-similar fashion as we build structures and tools that make our existence more likely. At other ‘levels’ enzymatic ‘behaviors’ also exist in the The Venello series multiverse.


Enzymes: Substrates and Conditions


Thirteen minutes of well explained topic; just in case you were out that day when the coolest one in Biology ever was covered. (13:02) Imagining a fictitious broad self-similar mechanism, enzymatic behavior as a multiverse concept is suggested briefly in Cetapiens (book 2) and plays a larger role in Orcasekai (book three).


The Role of Enzymes

VEA Australia – New Zealand

Three and a half minute video brief overview of enzymes.