Another trip to Washington DC – this Saturday (April 22nd) for March for Science and Earth Day!

Sir Isaac Noodles (aka Newton) will have to stay with a dog sitter while my sister, Wendy, and I board a charter bus heading for this important event. Wendy is a data base pro and I’m a science fiction author. She’s a stickler for clean data and I’m a person who loves to take what I’ve learned from the best of science and weave great storytelling from it. It’ll be an interesting day! Looking forward to excellent conversation on the bus, to and from…hob knobbing with kindred spirits in DC…and marching for science in (hopefully) great spring weather! I will be making this trip for orcas and their fellow cetaceans. The front image of my t-shirt will likely include a clip art image of J2/Granny and a link to Naturally, the cetacean sci-fi fantasy trilogy might bask in some of that exposure. The third volume “Orcasekai” to be published soon!

Invitation for contributors: If you are a cetacean scientist or represent a cetacean relevant organization and would like to post a science themed blurb on please submit it as a comment below. I will gladly volunteer a portion of my website to fellow orca and cetacean advocates!

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