Friend and Author Marian James Book Review

4.5 stars – Reviewed by S. Amaranthine 11/19/16

Deadly Disruption by Marian James is a well written bold fiction that calls out corporate individuals getting away with murder.

Deadly Disruption begins with a double homicide motivated by water control profits. The author uses her expertise to create a highly relevant crime story immersed in water supply and demand. That alone makes this book worth reading.

The action scenes are gripping, especially the beginning. The author blends her narrative and expository text in a flowing style that recommends her as trustworthy and believable.
The stories take place in northern Kentucky, Cincinnati and Seattle. Stereotype subcultural differences are included in the narrative. The frequent reference to specific landmarks will please readers who are familiar with those areas. For those who call them home, the read is even more enjoyable.

Half a star is taken off for weak development of women in the story. The female Harvard lawyer is arguably reduced to ‘getting even’ for expensive broken shoes. Macho readers may appreciate flattery in the frequent homage to ‘the men’ and find humor in the neurotic behavior all but a couple of the feminine roles. Others might object, but those who can skim over underutilized, often girlish portrayal of grown women, but are interested in getting to the important social question: who/what controls our water, are likely to recommend this book despite that.

Overall, Deadly Disruption, the second book of the Jebediah Colton series, establishes Marian James, corporate crime story author, as off to a promising career. Knowledgeable and well edited, the authors portrayal of profit-motivated scheming (water control in book two) is ultimately satisfying.

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