PLAYLIST: The Vencello

You Tube videos may contain commercials and/or offensive comments over which I have no control. These videos have been selected because the cetacean sounds and music were inspirational while writing The Vencello and is being shared here so you may enjoy them while reading as appropriate to various scenes.



What is The Vencello?

The xx – Fiction


Chapter 1 Day 2 Section Orca

The orca pod is supporting a fatally injured Hototo, Akenehi blames herself for the botched hunt.

Suzanne Ciani – Saragasso Sea


Chapter 3 The Next Six Months Section Human

Delora is out on open sea with Akenehi and the orca pod.

Goodnight my Angel by Hayley Westenra on Hushabye


Chapter 4- Section: Sperm Whale

Brough finds and approaches Param while she and two other Aware Masters are deep scanning the ocean floor.

The Xx – Intro


Chapter 8- Section: Human & Orca Sleep Song

The daily cycle in the life of an orca pod, energetic, gritty, periods of calm and rest, hunting…

Last of the Wilds by Nightwish


Chapter 10- Section: Sperm Whale

Param senses the advanced waves and calms the super pod.

Prelude for Time Feelers by Eluvium


Chapter 11- Section: Orca

Akenehi and her clan obtain unexpected, surprising “other quantum” results during experimentation.

Technical Difficulties by 2CELLOS


Chapter 12 – The Vencello

A new sentience begins; a new universe. Excitement, joy, orca song, whale echo pulses and energy of the ocean’s turbulent dance of the event as the Vencello is conceived.

Antigravity by Lindsey Stirling