PLAYLIST: Orcasekai

Sneak “Acoustic” Preview – nothing sets the mood like music.

Great listening while I visualize the abstract universe of Orcasekai! Jennifer Thomas is an amazing talent.

Need a visual inspiration for Alvar? Works for me! He even loves ‘the book’ and the surf scenes are great. Only thing missing are the orca’s breaching in the background. Maybe waiting for Amaranth’s return? Maybe Amaranth’s song? Why else would she be willing to spend the life of a universe doing what she does?

World builders, establishing the initial conditions of a new universe. I just love this. It takes me there.

I listened to this on loop as I was writing the ‘storm chasing’ bits, from both Alvar’s and Amaranth’s perspectives. Really got me into the scenes.

Inspirational! Reminds me of a tribute to Arva’Anati, a scene at the end, inspired by my muse:
Granny – J2 of the SRKWs