Cetapiens Introduction

Who would be interested in this book? I think a reader who wants to sink their literary teeth into thinking outside of the box on time travel, what passes for human achievements, and with the novelty of getting into the mind of a dolphin or whale, would get the most out of this book. Also, those who would like to share an imagined experience outside of our perceived universe, that is explore the multiverse, would get a kick out of it.

What is this book? This is the second in a trilogy. The Vencello was the first of the three. Loosely, that was conception, a new life, a sentient universe emerging from a pre-existing one. This second book, Cetapiens, can be thought of as childhood. It is the result of transition from one universe to another, the subjection to chaos and then making sense of it, the uncertainty of a new way of being, learning what is, how it all works, and what one can and can’t do. It is not a traditional book, in the sense that it can be skimmed over quickly. Like childhood, you learn by experience, reflection and repetition. Cetapiens defines new universes and ways of being based on ours because a frame of reference cannot be avoided in order to make sense.

In one word, that is what I hope this book will provide the reader. Cetapiens is fiction but I hope the reader will find it a well thought out one. It has been carefully constructed, so I may take a believable albeit surreal extended break, with the reader, from being human, away from this planet, and even apart from this universe.

In the Company of Fictitious Family Members
For a while, exist in a world of human and cetacean species-combined progeny where there is so much more, where we are all hilariously outclassed by Priori – living universes. Universes are characters in this book. From book one; we learn The Vencello is a simple sentient carbon-60 molecule universe. Cetapiens continues; you can visit the ancestral universe, The Vencello, and it might be aware that you are there.

Time is the toy of Priori, and everything in the multiverse has already happened in the past. All suns, within those universes that contain them, have long ago gone nova and all species that depended on them have become extinct. Individuals of those past species are either revisited by Priori or not, as they prefer. As the multiverse and its pasts are accessed by them, events are variables. Time and death are non-sequitur.

For such beings pleasant experiences are paramount. They necessarily avoid pain and discomfort that might be felt as they naturally merge with organic objects within their focus. For Priori, technology is not the prize-winner modern humans believe it should be. Rather, combined sentience and non-technology dependent harmony with nature and the multiverse is favored, such as achieved by cetaceans. That is not to say the vacation is always pleasant. Priori are subject to peril. Their diffusion throughout the multiverse is possible as well as entrapment in the multiverse self-protective reflexes triggered by time paradox.

That is what written words cannot provide. The world of cetaceans is acoustic rich albeit devoid of human language. This book had to be written, so I invite the reader to visit http://cetapiens.com and find the Cetapiens suggested playlist page. Enjoy the acoustic selections I have chosen, but use anything that you know will augment your journey of imagination through word, sound and imagery. Also, listening to recordings of orca vocalization and sperm whale echolocation will enhance the experience of reading the cetacean passages of this book.

In one word, that’s what this book will take. I have endeavored that it be a pleasant extraction. I do not like to have my intelligence insulted when I read and have written my own books with that in mind. Enjoy learning what can only be visited by imagination; multiverse realms, mental landscapes, intriguing believable beings and their advanced long lost culture. Cetapiens is meant to be challenging. Creating and defining new universes and fictional human history, should not be easy. It has not been for me. A glossary of fictional Cetapiens terminology is provided at the end of this book and I believe it will help the reader greatly. I enjoy having my mind expanded and playing with ideas opened to me. So, I aspire to offer what I love best in books to my reader.

Each chapter includes subheadings that help the reader switch perspective at each transition between universes and character groups.

Who or what did I write this book for?
• Humans – I love science fiction and time travel and I have enjoyed many of those related products of human entertainment. But I would not have done it that way. This is my way, 180 degrees in the opposite direction of most, for the record.
o Especially for my children, my beloved Claire and Kate.
o And my grandchildren (who, by the way, are not born yet at the time I write these words.)
These are the times and places I would love to have really gone myself, but could not, because they are outside the realm of human limitations. They exist only in my mind, where I long to bring you. This is a family vacation to be had by reading in your own time and then closing your eyes and going there. Hopefully you will imagine me there too.
Cetaceans – They are a footnote if mentioned at all in the majority of science fiction and fantasy of my time and for that I am writing this trilogy, a tribute and an apology to them. They are not only included, they are central to the themes. Maybe one day we can translate books so they can enjoy them. I hope they like my trilogy.
o Note to all cetaceans in general: I get it, you guys rock.
Orca – If I could choose what I can come back to live as, in another life, it would be an orca. Or a sperm whale. But orcas are way prettier and I am that shallow. I believe we are all one and that they are the best part of me.
o Note to orca matriarchs: If I could have saved your children and grandchildren from our slavery, I would have. Their plight makes me ashamed to be human.
Sperm Whales – Their brains are so massive and communication so different, it leaves me worlds apart even though we share the same planet.
o Note to sperm whales: More than any other species on my planet, I regret I could not know yours as you do. It is not possible that I accurately imagine the amazing intelligence and true nature you possess. I hope I have done some small justice to your kind. You deserve more than just this trilogy that puts you on the pedestal you deserve. I humbly offer this to you.
Cephalopods – Our fellow non-mammalian sentient Earthlings. If we ever send astronauts to Europa, I suspect they’ll be present, albeit unwillingly. They can go where humans can’t, and we humans need to know. If I am right, I hope those individuals survive whatever is in store for them and if they don’t, I hope the end is quick and merciful.
o Note to Cephalopods: You guys rock too.
Our Planet and our Universe – I’m stuck like a fly on sticky paper in/on it. I love it.
o (Note to God: Remember when I said I wanted to know everything and you answered it would break my heart and I said I wanted to know anyway? Well, you were right. I don’t even know near everything and already my heart is permanently broken. I’ll keep going though. After all these decades and no matter what, I still really do want to know everything, even though I know my brain can’t handle it.)
All Other Universes and the Multiverse – I can only imagine, and do. (See bullet note above)

What is next? Since The Vencello was conception, and Cetapiens is childhood, it follows that the third of the trilogy, entitled Orcasekai, will be adulthood. I will have written three different books, each different in style from each other. While they are continuation of the same story, they are from vastly different perspectives, from molecules to universe, from ancestors to progeny. It seemed fitting to do it that way. The universe is set in motion in book one. The early lessons are learned in book two and now I can move on and write the third volume introducing the universe of Orcasekai, the world of the Orca, my imaginary grown up vacation world.