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Friend and Author Karen Bemmes New Book!

Friend and author Karen E. Bemmes has a new book available in e-book format on I wrote her a well deserved 5 star review. Easy to read in a single sitting, filled with friendly tips and classic, comfort food recipes. I especially enjoyed seeing Bourbon Slushes in there! If you’ve never had one, they are a wonderful favorite that I was introduced to by my late mother-in-law years ago. Thanks Karen!
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Happiest Holidays: Your Guide to a Budget Friendly, Organized and Fun Holiday Season

Friend and Author Marian James Book Review

4.5 stars – Reviewed by S. Amaranthine 11/19/16

Deadly Disruption by Marian James is a well written bold fiction that calls out corporate individuals getting away with murder.

Deadly Disruption begins with a double homicide motivated by water control profits. The author uses her expertise to create a highly relevant crime story immersed in water supply and demand. That alone makes this book worth reading.

The action scenes are gripping, especially the beginning. The author blends her narrative and expository text in a flowing style that recommends her as trustworthy and believable.
The stories take place in northern Kentucky, Cincinnati and Seattle. Stereotype subcultural differences are included in the narrative. The frequent reference to specific landmarks will please readers who are familiar with those areas. For those who call them home, the read is even more enjoyable.

Half a star is taken off for weak development of women in the story. The female Harvard lawyer is arguably reduced to ‘getting even’ for expensive broken shoes. Macho readers may appreciate flattery in the frequent homage to ‘the men’ and find humor in the neurotic behavior all but a couple of the feminine roles. Others might object, but those who can skim over underutilized, often girlish portrayal of grown women, but are interested in getting to the important social question: who/what controls our water, are likely to recommend this book despite that.

Overall, Deadly Disruption, the second book of the Jebediah Colton series, establishes Marian James, corporate crime story author, as off to a promising career. Knowledgeable and well edited, the authors portrayal of profit-motivated scheming (water control in book two) is ultimately satisfying.

Now Available in e-book and paperback on Amazon . com

Orcasekai and My First SuperPod!

Orcasekai, the final book of the epic time travel trilogy, is well underway. Superpod 5 proved to be a source of motivation and inspiration as I immerse in cetacean centered universes upon returning home. Surrounded by San Juan Island home waters of the wild orca and so many kindred cetacean-loving spirits was perfection!

Even getting to SJI was pure pleasure. My fear of flying was once and for all quelled by two (not one, but TWO) luck-of-the-draw flights in a Dehavilland beaver. It’s a bucket list item for many and now I know why. I would fly in one of those ANY time!


NTR Cetacean Science Fiction is here!

No Technology Required (NTR) Cetacean friendly science fiction is right here! Cetapiens is now (ironically) available from four popular e-book vendors! What can be accomplished without technology? Entire universes for starters! Echo-location of whales, acoustic talents of Orcas, a bazillion planets and a splendor of galaxies, oh my! How can you tour the multiverse using nature’s abilities alone for the price of good sandwich? Imagination! A great guide book helps of course!

Cetapiens is published!

Book two of the Vencello series, Cetapiens, is now available from a variety of popular vendors in e-book format. Please select “Books & Reviews” from the menu to access purchase links. Professional editing was provided by Laura Geraci. Thank you so much Laura! Cover art was a joint effort by Muriel (photo), Bettina (human/orca icon) and Kirk (compilation of images). Please take a moment to read the Cetapiens Introduction page recently added to this website. The related concepts and playlist are ready for your enjoyment as well!

Explore the multiverse…

The Vencello is the first of a trilogy. It is a universe existing within multiple universes, a joining of species through music, interspecies dependence, and the amazing carbon 60 molecule, also known as buckminsterfullerene or buckyball.

Throughout the trilogy, Orcasekai narrates experiences with her space and time-traveling grandmother as she learns to navigate the multiverse. Their journey begins just before the emergence of an ancestral realm known to her kind as the Vencello. Its early history is relived from the point of view of the individuals from three species who merged to become the Vencello; human, orca and sperm whale.

Human. Delora, Alvar, Johnny and Liam are a family whose love transcends universes. Their journey to forgive each other and themselves is one of many challenging adventures.

Orca. Akenehi, the matriarch of her pod possesses a rare gift of musical and acoustic genius. This pure ability is the driver behind a new universe’s creation. Like her songs, her love for her family is wondrously efficacious.

Sperm whale. Brough and Param, Aware Masters of the Ocean, use their massive brains, deep diving ability, and fine perception of detail to solve the greatest puzzles of their planet. They are essential catalysts for many universes to be.

There are an untold number of ways a universe can come into being. Some begin with a bang, others with a perfect cetacean song. Some came about when an electron emerged from subspace. The Vencello’s carbon-60 based universe emerges to create a story for this age – and every other.