THIS YEAR: March for Science ( #marchforscience2018 )  in Washington DC, April 14th, 2018

Marching for Orca too! Relevant and fascinating links below. See you in DC?

Will post more as date approaches. (like on Facebook: S. Amaranthine)

LAST YEAR: 2017 In Washington DC this Saturday (April 22nd) for March for Science and Earth Day!
I have reserved a seat next to my sister on a charter bus heading for this important event. We both hold advanced degrees and are science advocates. Looking forward to excellent conversation on the bus, both ways!…hob knobbing with kindred spirits…and advocating for orcas! Forcast is cooler with a chance of showers. So then! I wear my raincoat and march regardless. The t-shirts I’ve been crafting may be covered for part of the day: clip art image of J2/Granny and ‘4orcas.info’ text.

A Beautiful 3.5 min video:

Dr Ingrid N. Visser & the Orca Research Trust Swimming with Orca Killer whales Schwertwal 12.5 min video

Dolphin Facts (Ric O’Barry’s Dolphin Project)

The Whale Sanctuary Project

Scientific American mentions cetacean brain size

NonHuman Rights Project


Invitation for contributors: If you are a cetacean scientist or represent a cetacean relevant organization and would like to post a science themed blurb on this page, please submit a comment below. I will gladly volunteer a portion of my website to fellow orca lovers!

Edited Blog post update 1/12/17:
As promised, here is an update on my trip to Washington DC on Friday, 1/13/17. The weather forecast looks good, above freezing and dry.

Q: Why am going? A: Orcas.

And…why this trip, specifically? The Lower 4 Snake River Dams. They are up for further evaluation causing another 5 year delay. Government people have already studied and reported government data. That data has been presented and The Federal Government has failed to act according to the tax payer funded (MILLIONS of dollars!) Army Corp of Engineers data as well as a federal judges order. On these 4 dams, taxpayers getting a fifteen cents on the dollar return for their hard earned money. That’s GOVERNMENT DATA. And yet, the Lower 4 Snake River Dams are not breached.

The orcas that depend on the Chinook Salmon that spawn specifically in the Lower Snake River DON’T have 5 years. The salmon and steelhead are disappearing. Orcas are starving. Less than 80 remain as of the end of 2016. The SRKW (orcas) will be extinct in 5 years. This specific population has taken a horrendous beating at the hands of humans. Hunted, enslaved, and now starved.

DamSense.org has not fallen asleep at the wheel. Jim Waddell and others are spreading their URGENT message.

I have signed petitions, called the POTUS and my state reps and senator, even requested a meeting when I am in DC but have not heard back yet. I hosted a lunch for friends at my home where we watched DamSense (a documentary on US dams in general, but also included a segment on the Lower 4 Snake River dams) and discussed. They had NO idea. Despite being connected on social media to various degrees, it was their first time exposure. Some of them also made calls. Many others have done more than I.

So, I keep going. I will be representing Orcas in front of the Army Corp of Engineers HQ in Washington DC because they cannot make that trip themselves. Thank you to Betsey Thoennes and Jim Waddell of DamSense.org who have been helping me send a ‘live body, in person’ message to the public and the Army Corp of Engineers HQ while I am there.

This trip may seem like a lot to you, but my efforts are between me and me. To myself, this is a small thing I can do for the orcas that I admire and cherish so.

I will make the trek in solidarity with Orcas. If they had a proverbial ‘seat at the table’, I believe they would thank me for it. That’s good enough for me.

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